comic art by Rick Geary

Kansas City artist Rick Geary is best known for his work for The National Lampoon, for which he drew for thirteen years. He got a bachelor in communication art and a master in film at the University of Kansas. Working as a freelance artist since 1976, his work has been published in many magazines, newspapers and comic books. He cooperated to Bizarre Sex by Kitchen Sink Press in the early 1980s.

comic art by Rick Geary (1992)

He cooperated on Marvel's Epic Illustrated and to Pacific Comics' Twisted Tales and Vanguard Illustrated. He drew for Alien Encounters and Tales of Terror at Eclipse Comics and worked on Dark Horse titles as 'Cheval Noir', 'Police Beat' and 'Junior Carrot Patrol'. Geary contributed to several Fantagraphics titles and did comic book adaptations of novels for First Comics.

Rick Geary has written and illustrated several children's books. He is also the artist of the 'A Treasury of Victorian Murder' series.

comic art by Rick Geary

The Sixties, by Rick Geary (1982)

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