Don Agapito, by Blas Sanchis

Blas Sanchis Bonet was born in Tortosa (Spain) in 1919. He belonged to the group of humorous artists of the publishing house Bruguera (Ibáñez, Raf, Segura, etc) that renewed the old Bruguera school (Escobar, Jorge, Peñarroya, etc). He joined Bruguera in 1957 and created such characters as 'Don Agapito', 'Margarito Celemín', 'Teresito', 'Don Tacañete', 'Catalino y Patacón' and 'Don Ernesto y doña Pura'. Although he was a prolific artist, his creations didn't become very popular. Therefore he also drew series he hadn't created, such as 'Anacleto' (which was created by Vázquez) and 'La familia Telerín'. Between 1970 and 1978 he was chief of the artist section, coordinating the production and drawing of comics like 'Zipi y Zape' and 'Mortadelos'.

Don Tacañete, by Blas Sanchis

In 1978, Sanchis left Bruguera to found his own Estudios Bonnet S.A., where he produced comics for the international market. Artists affiliated with the studios were César Ferioli and Núñez. From 1989 to 1991, he co-edited the magazine A Pintar and a children's puzzle magazine. He later founded the Blai studios. In 1989, he became ill and was paralyzed until his death in 1995. The Blai studios were continued by his son, Jordi Sanchis.

Sansón, by Blas Sanchis

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