Piluca, by Roberto Segura

Roberto Segura Monje was part of the generation of artists that renewed the publishing house Bruguera in the 1960s, together with Ibáñez, Raf and Blas Sanchis. His first comics date back to the 1950s when he contributed to such publications as A Todo Color and Florita, then to Yumbo, Pinocho and TBO.

Rigoberto Picaporte, by Roberto Segura

Segura joined Bruguera in 1957. He was the creator of such series as 'Rigoberto Picaporte' (1957), 'Los Señores de Alcorcón' (1959), 'La Alegre Pandilla' (1963) and 'La Panda' (1969).

Lily, by Roberto Segura

Among his specialities were the series featuring attractive girls like 'Piluca, niña moderna' (1959) and 'Lily' (1962). In 1986, Segura, Raf and Ibáñez left Bruguera and joined Grijalbo publishers and the magazine Guai!. In 1991 Segura created 'Don Roge y doña Lisistrata' for the TBO of Ediciones B.

La Panda, by Roberto Segura

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