Mickey Mouse, by César Ferioli

Cèsar Ferioli, son of an Italian father and Spanish mother, is an artist of Disney and especially 'Mickey Mouse' comics. He studied biology and began his career in comics in 1978, drawing 'Pif et Hercule' stories for the French magazine Pif Gadget through Studio Recreo. From the early 1980s on he was also doing Disney comics for Mondadori in Italy, though all these stories were made with the entire Recreo group.

Mickey Mouse by Cesar Ferioli
'Le Journal de Mickey' #1841 (1987).

By 1983, Ferioli was working for both Comicup and Comicon and contributing to Hachette in France. He did numerous 'Mickey Mouse', 'Goofy', 'Sport Goofy' and 'James Ding' stories for the French Le Journal de Mickey, and he was the artist of some of the 'Ellsworth' back cover gags. He additionally made drew some stories with the 'Duck' characters for the Dutch publisher VNU.

Mythos Island by Cesar Ferioli
Mythos Island part 6 - 'Menace in the Mist'.

Since 1988, Ferioli has worked exclusively for the Danish publisher Egmont, initially through Studio Bonnet (1988-1998) and later directly. Ferioli is largely responsible for the artwork of the modernized 'Mickey Mouse' stories, in which the know-it-all detective of the 1970s and 1980s returned to his roots by wearing his typical short trousers and becoming more dynamic. Among his best known works is the 2003 Duck/Mouse crossover serial 'Mythos Island', written by Per Erik Hedman and Pat and Carol McGreal. When Egmont cut down its production in 2010, Ferioli resumed his collaboration with VNU (now Sanoma) in The Netherlands. There he also introduced a return to classic Mickey Mouse stories, together with writer/editor Jos Beekman.

Mickey Mouse by Cesar Ferioli
Mickey Mouse - 'De Geheimzinnige Kist' (Donald Duck #43, 2011).

In addition, he took over the art of the 'Angry Birds' webcomic from Kari Korhonen, who continued to write the scripts.

Angry Birds by Cesar Ferioli

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