Donnie Duck by Kari Korhonen
'Donald Duckling' - Riders of the Storm (D 2003-090, 2005).

Kari Korhonen is an artist and writer for the Danish Disney production, and one of Finland's most prolific cartoonist. He has worked as a professional illustrator and caricaturist since 1992. He has illustrated children's books, done cartoons for the daily press (Ilta-Sanomat, Helsingin Sanomat), storyboards for television advertising, and he writes articles. He writes and draws Disney comics for the publishing house Egmont since 1993. Besides stories with the regular characters, he is author of most of the Danish 'Donald Duckling' (about young Donald) stories (with art by Esteban, Maximinio Tortajada or Korhonen himself).

Angry Birds by Kari Korhonen

He has also written and drawn a webcomic based on the popular game franchise 'Angry Birds' (César Ferioli took over the art duties in 2011).

Donald Duck, by Kari Korhonen

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