Duck Tales, by Maximinio Tortajada Aguilar

Maximino Tortajada Aguilar began his career in Disney comics in the early 1980s, working on stories with 'Mickey Mouse' ('Topolino') for the Italian production. Affiliated with the Comicup Studios, he has additionally worked for the French, Danish and Dutch publishers of Disney comics. In France, he is best known for his long stories with 'Mickey Mouse', but he has also done gag pages with 'Ellsworth' or longer stories with the Ducks or movie characters ('Duck Tales', 'Talespin').

Ellsworth, by Maximino

During the 2000s, he has been a regular in the Dutch Donald Duck weekly with a great many stories and gags featuring 'The Big Bad Wolf', 'Horace Horsecollar' and 'Goofy'. Besides Disney, Maximino has also drawn stories with 'Tom & Jerry'. He is the brother of fellow Disney artist José Tortajada.

Magica the Spell by Maximino Tortajada

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