Les Ripoupons, by Gégé
Les Ripoupons

Gérard Cousseau is a French comic author from Cintré, near Rennes. He is best known under his pseudonyms Gégé and Ferru, and for the many scripts he wrote in cooperation with Bélom. He began his career in 1978 at the atelier of Jean-Claude Fournier, whom he assisted on 'Bizu' for Spirou. For that same magazine, he created the gag series 'Gontran et les Autres' between 1979 and 1982. He is one of the main writers for Le Journal de Mickey and the other French Disney publications since the 1980s.

Mostly in cooperation with Bélom, he has provided scripts for such features as 'Les Bébés Disney' (with Claude Marin) and 'Les Petits Boulots de Donald' (with Santiago Barreira), as well as stories starring 'Mickey Mouse and the 'Donald Duck' family. The duo has also created some non-Disney series for Le Journal de Mickey, such as 'Pôle Émile le petit eskimo' (art by Jean-Luc Hiettre) and 'Robert Le Robot' (art by Tony Fernandez). 

Since 2003, Gégé and Bélom are also regular writers for Éditions Bamboo, creating series like 'Les Ripoupons', that Gégé drew himself, and 'Les Toubibs', with art by Alain Sirvent. They have also set up the collection 'L'encyclopédie des prénoms en BD' for Vents d'Ouest.

Cousseau has also used the pen names Gécé or Ferru, the latter for 'Les Zélus', a comic he wrote for Nicoby at Vents d'Ouest in 2001. He is also active in other artistic fields, such as cinema, video, expositions and multimedia projects. He is co-creator of the printing firm Gala Création and of the publishing label Trognon Création. He is one of the driving forces behind the festival of Saint-Malo with the organization of expositions.

Gontran et les Autres, by Gégé

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