From Kleine Zondagsvriend, by Claude Marin
Comic from Kleine Zondagsvriend

Claude Marin started his comics career at a very young age, when his talent was noticed by Marijac. Marin was invited to work for Marijac's magazine Le Coq Hardi. His first steps in the field were illustrating the 'Rouletabosse Reporter' comic, on scenarios by its creator Marijac, in 1946. Marin remained active for Le Coq Hardi until 1955, and among his most notable contributions were the series 'Le Père Noël' and 'Les Trois Mousquetaires du Far West'.

From Kleine Zondagsvriend, by Claude Marin

Marin was additionally active for other magazines, often edited by Marijac, such as Coq Hardi, Baby Journal/Cricri Journal (with 'Costo Chien Policier' and 'Pinpin le Lapereau'), Pierrot (with 'Mic, Mac et Pouf' and 'Trilili'), Ouest-Magazine (with 'Joé-Jo') and Mireille (with the title comic, as well as 'Rosette' and 'Eva'), Nono et Nanette (with 'Fanfan'), Frimousse (with 'Fanfan' and 'Frimousse'), Mark Trail (with 'Jay Quedall'), Bout d'Chou (with 'Sophie' and 'Poilapuce') and Allez-France (with 'Jerry Dingo').

Le Pere Noel by Claude Marin
Le Père Noel (Coq Hardi #157, 1953)

Starting in 1949, Marin also contributed many stories and cover illustrations to Flemish comic magazine Kleine Zondagsvriend, using both comic and realistic graphic styles. He was also present in Ketelbinkiekrant in The Netherlands with 'Bobichon tegen Al Coquin'. In 1955-56, he drew 'Crik' and 'Rigobert et Cie' in Jocko et Poustiquet.

Bebes Disney

Afterwards, Marin left the comics field for a while to start a career in the advertising field, doing among others a series of mini-books for Fromage Junior. Between 1966 and 1975, he worked for the children's clothing shop Bambino, for which he set up Bambino Magazine. However, after a meeting with Michel Greg, Marin returned to comics in 1975 with a revival of 'Père Noël', now renamed to 'Croûton'. Along with Greg, Marin started the 'Frère Boudin' series, about a friendly monk, in Achille Talon Magazine in 1976.

Supergoof by Claude Marin
Supergoof (Le Journal de Mickey, #1546, 1982)

It was in 1979 when Claude Marin realized his childhood dream: drawing Disney comics. In that year, Marin started working for Le Journal de Mickey, for which he illustrated many stories with 'Mickey Mouse'.

Disney Babies, by Claude Marin

In 1986 he was one of the creators of 'Disney Babies' ('Les Bébés Disney'), a series about the childhood of many popular Disney characters. Throughout his Disney years, Claude Marin established himself as one of France's most prominent and respected Disney artists.

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