Morty and Ferdie by Paco Rodriguez
Morty and Ferdie - 'The New Sponsor' (D2010-075).

Paco Rodriguez Peinado (also known as Rodríques) is a comic book artist from Barcelona, who has been drawing Disney comics since 1989. He started out working through studios like Comicup and Bardon for Disney publishers from Denmark, France, Germany and Italy, but he currently works directly for Egmont in Denmark. He drew puzzle pages for Le Journal de Mickey in France in the 1990s, and has drawn a great many 'Donald Duck' and 'Mickey Mouse' stories since 1991.

Cover by Paco RodriguesCover by Paco Rodrigues

His production includes both stories for the magazines and for the pocket publications, and also many cover illustrations. Besides the regular stories, Rodriguez was the artist of all the special soccer comics starring Mickey's nephews Morty and Ferdie and a whole new cast of characters (created between 1999 and 2012), and also of the "Comprised classics" feature with adaptations of literature in one comic page (from 2015).

Angry Birds by Paco Rodriques
'Angry Birds'.

Since the 2010s, Rodriguez also makes comics and cover for the 'Angry Birds' franchise of Rovio. He has additionally contributed to the alternative  comic magazine Makoki, and he has produced artwork for advertisements, books and webpages.

Donald Duck, by Paco Rodriguez
Donald Duck - 'The Old Fishing Hole' (D2002-177).

Paco Rodriguez in Erlangen, 2016 (Photo: Henrik Bernd).

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