Centaurito, by Rojas

Arturo Rojas de la Cámara, mainly known simply as Rojas, was a regular and versatile artist of the publishing houses Valenciana and Bruguera. His humorous comics appeared in various magazines, such as Jaimito, Pumby, DDT, Din Dan, Zipi y Zape and TBO. He began his careeer at Valenciana at age 19. For Jaimito, he created characters like 'Cucharito', 'Nabucondonosor', 'Gedeon', 'El Genio Eustaquio' and 'Agente 7-7 a la Izquierda'. For Pumby, he worked with more classic characters, like 'Centaurito' and 'Aladino'. At Bruguera, he created 'Don Percebe y Basilio' and 'Anibal'.

Rabito, by Rojas (Arturo Rojas de la Cámara)

Additionally, he found his way to foreign publishers through the Bardon Art studios. For the UK market, he made among others 'Sir Gaslight Gagabout'. He also worked for the French and German market. From 1968, he published in magazines like Gaceta Junior ('Happy Bardon').

Cuhcarito, by Rojas

Rojas was often revolting against the Valenciana publishing house, who wanted him to imitate the styles of Coll and Benejam. During one of these several conflicts, Rojas took on novel writing at Editorial Toray to support his family.

Rabito, by Rojas (Arturo Rojas de la Cámara)

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