Morcillón y Babali by Mari Benejam
Los grandes cacerías de Eustaquio Marcillón

Marino (or Marí) Benejam Ferrer was an important part of the generation of Spanish comic artists that emerged after the Civil War in the 1940s and 1950s. He began his career before the war however, drawing for Pocholo and TBO from 1936. One of his first creations was the 'Melitón Pérez' comic strip. Benejam was one of the most prominent contributors for TBO from 1941 onwards, and he somewhat defined the magazine's style together with Coll and Manuel Urda.

Efectos Sorprendentes by Marino Benejam
Familia Ulises - Efectos Sorprendentes

Together with scriptwriter Joaquín Buigas he was the co-author of two of TBO's most popular series. The first was 'La Familia Ulises', that started in 1944, and the second 'Morcillón y Babalí', about a white explorer and his black guide who are dedicated to animal hunting, created in 1945.

La Sociedad Submarina protectora de Hombres y Crustáceos by Marí Benejam
La Sociedad Submarina protectora de Hombres y Crustáceos, signed Rino

Benejam was also the creator of many comic pages without recurring characters, and signed some of them under pseudonyms like Rino, Ferrer or Bene. He regularly illustrated pages in the section 'Los Grandes Inventos de TBO', a feature where strange inventions by Professor Franz from Copenhagen were presented. Furthermore, Benejam created characters like 'Diego Pelenas' and comic pages for El Coyote, Flechas y Pelayos, KKO, La Risa and Nicolás.

Los Grandes Inventos de TBO, by Marino Benejam

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