Donald Duck, by Miguel Fernandez Martinez
'Donald Duck'. Dutch-language version. 

Miguel Fernandez Martínez is a Spanish comic artist, who began his career in the 1980s. In the first half of this decade, he shared a studio with Angel Segura Moreno and Joaquin Cañizares. After doing some comics of his own in the magazine Tretzevents, he became an artist of Disney comics in the mid-1980s. He was a member of the Comicup studio, a studio that provides artwork to European Disney productions. Fernandez Martínez started out with several stories for the French Le Journal de Mickey, doing some 'Mickey Mouse' stories and 'Ellsworth' gags.

Mickey Mouse, by Miguel Fernandez-Martinez
'Mickey Riddle' (D 2004-039).

Fernandez Martínez left Comicup in 1986, and began a collaboration with the Danish publisher Egmont (until 2002 through the Tello studios, then on his own). There, he was mainly a 'Mickey Mouse' artist, but he has also done 'Donald Duck' stories. Besides stories for Anders And & Co. magazine, he has also drawn stories for the Jumbobog, for which he used a more Italian style. Since 2000 he is the regular artist, and occasional writer, of the 'Mickey Mouse' riddle strips. In addition to his Disney work, Miguel has drawn for the Kauka series 'Fix und Foxi', 'Fridolin' and 'Knox'. In recent years, Fernandez Martínez has also been active in other fields, such as graphic design, logos and game design. He has also been doing 'Winnie the Pooh' stories based on the new film, as well as 'Bamse' stories for Egmont.

comic art by Miguel Fernandez Martínez
Fernandez Martínez' submission to the El Salón del Cómic in Barcelona in 1980.

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