Gnipo de Hapx by Angel Segura Moreno
Gnipo de Hapx

Catalan comic artist Ángel Segura Moreno began his comics career in the 1970s. His series 'El Gnom Papiruli' ran between 1977 and 1979 in the confessional magazine L'Infantil-Tretzevents, a publication of the Abbey of Montserrat. His creation 'Gnipo de Hapx' was published in magazines by Bruguera and Ediciones B in Barcelona.

Papiruli by Segura Moreno

Segura has furthermore worked through agencies like Andreu, Beaumont and Comicup. In the early 1980s he shared a studio with Miguel Fernadez Martínez and Joaquin Cañizares. By that time, he alternated his work on his own series by working as an inker in the Bruguera studios. In that occupation, he inked artwork by Francisco Ibáñez, Escobar and Raf. He passed away in 1995.

Papiruli, by Angel Segura Moreno

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