Paperino by Antonio Bancells Pujadas
'Paperino' (I TL 2064-3).

Antonio (or Toni) Bancells Pujadas began his career assisting Francisco Ibañez on 'Mortadelo y Filemón' at the publishing house Bruguera between 1971 and 1977. He has illustrated stories with Disney characters for the Danish publisher Egmont since 1977. Until the mid-1980s, he started out doing mainly 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Goofy' stories for Anders And & Co. magazine, in a style close to Paul Murry's.

Mickey Mouse, by Antonio Bancells Pujadas

Since then, he started drawing mainly 'Donald Duck' stories in the Italian style for the pocket books. In addition, he has additionally done artwork for the French and Italian production in the early 1990s. Bancells was furthermore the sole artist on the German comics based on the puppet show 'Der Bär im grossen blauen Haus' (Ehapa publishers). He lives and works in Denmark. He has been affiliated with studios like Bardon Art (1970s, 1980s), Comicup (1990s), and Comicon (2000s). His artwork for Comicon includes comic stories and illustrations for Playmobil magazine by Blue Ocean Entertainment in Germany.

Goofy by Antonio Bancells Pujadas
Goofy (D8206)

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