Br'er Rabbit (Donald Duck 32, 2016)

Henrieke Goorhuis is an artist from Veldhoven, specialized in drawing funny animals. Her talent was quickly noticed when she started presenting her work at Dutch comic conventions and on online message boards in the mid-2000s. Besides Disney art, she also developed her own character 'Kiki', a female lemur. Her main inspirations are early 1940s cartoons and comics. At the age of 17, she already made her first cover illustration for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly, which was followed by a gag page in 2009. It took the perfectionist Goorhuis several years before she felt the quality of her work was good enough for a next publication. This was a story starring her favorite Disney character, 'Br'er Rabbit', which was published in 2016. In the meantime, she had done illustrations for the Disney publications edited by David Gerstein at IDW in the USA. She made cover illustrations for the monthly comic books, and done additional art for the collections of Floyd Gottfredson's 'Mickey Mouse' newspaper comics.

Het Lastpak by Henrieke Goorhuis
Bommel - Het Lastpak (2016)

Following a tip from the comics museum in Groningen, the Toonder Compagnie asked her to make the illustrations for a new text story with Marten Toonder's 'Tom Poes en heer Bommel' by children's book writer Henk Hardeman. Hardeman was the winner of a scriptwriting contest organized by the Toonder Compagnie.  'Het Lastpak' (2016) appeared thirty years after Toonder had completed his original 'Bommel' series in 1986. The book gained wide media coverage, including an interview with Goorhuis in the TV programs 'Landinwaarts' and 'Tijd voor MAX' She is the first female in a long line of 'Bommel' artists, which by 2016 also includes Dick Matena and Tim Artz. In 2017 she made the illustrations for the Dutch "Little Golden Book" 'Tom Poes en het cadeautje voor heer Ollie' by Sjoerd Kuyper for Rubinstein Publishing.

Heer Bommel by Henrieke Goorhuis
Bommel - Het Lastpak (2016)

Henrieke has also drawn illustrations for GaiaPark Zoo. She was one of the hosts of Cartoon Drawing 101 at the Eurofurence conventions of 2008 and 2009, and a guest of honour at ConFuzzled 2015. In January 2014, SofaWolf Press published 'The Art of Henrieke' as part of its 'Artistic Visions' line of books.

Cover by Henrieke GoorhuisCover by Henrieke Goorhuis
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