Donald Duck by Tim Artz
The 'Donald Duck' story 'Deurwaarder Duck' (Donald Duck #17, 2016).

Tim Artz is a comic artist and designer from Nijmegen. He studied Information and Computer Technology, Communication and Multimedia Design, and works as a graphic designer for companies like De Moor Creative Industries and PresenceAtWork since 2013. After showcasing his talent on Disney-related message boards, Artz had his first pages with the Duck-characters published in Donald Duck magazine in 2010 and 2013. He has been working on a more regular base for the Dutch Disney publications since 2015. Tim Artz was also asked by the Toonder Compagnie to make design the covers for the new book publications of the classic 'Tom Poes' balloon comics by the publishing house Cliché, starting with 'Tom Poes en de Krakers' in 2016. In 2018 he also illustrated 'De Tijdverdrijver', a previously unused 'Tom Poes' story written by Ruud Straatman. The original story had been sketched out by Wil Raymakers, but was never completed. The final version was now drawn by Artz and prepublished in Stripglossy. 

For the second edition of the StripGlossy (September 2016), he illustrated a story of the superhero parody 'Beterman' from a script by Frans Hasselaar. This comic was previously drawn by Maarten Janssens, Gerben Valkema and Maarten Gerritsen.

Tom Poes cover by Tim Artz
'Tom Poes en de Krakers'.

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