Donald Duck, by Sander Gulien

Sander Gulien is one of the most productive present-day Dutch Disney artists. He drew his first comic at age thirteen, which he showed to Ed van Schuijlenburg, art director of the Dutch Disney productions. Van Schuijlenburg taught him the finer points of the profession and after completing his education, Gulien became a full time artist of Disney comics in 1995.

Donald Duck by Sander Gulien

Sander draws mostly long adventure stories with the Ducks, but he has also done gag pages (such as the 2006 and 2008 back cover series starring 'Uncle Scrooge' and the 'Beagle Boys'). A collection of his comics appeared in the series 'De Grappigste Avonturen van Donald Duck' in 2003.

Donald Duck, by Sander Gulien

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