Nick Name by Alex van Koten

Alex van Koten is a Dutch commercial comic artist and cartoonist. Born in Haarlem as part of twins, he graduated his RTO art education in 1988 and has worked as a freelance artist since then. His main comics output is for commercial clients. Since 1995, he has drawn many comic strips for several house organs of the province Noord-Holland, such as 'Overdreven' in Op Dreef and 'Ed & Ad' for WVV Nieuws.

His comic strip 'Matje Materieel' is published Mens & Materieel, the company magazine of NS Materieel, a division of the Dutch Railways. He subsequently created another comic, 'Stoffer & Blik' for the Onderhoud & Service division, that is published in Randstad Breed and Overall. Other clients include Stichting Dierenberscherming, Schering Plough, Stichting Teken Mijn Verhaal and Tinke Assurantiën BV.

Stoffer en Blik by Alex van Koten
Stoffer & Blik

Van Koten's comic 'De Gebroeders Pinguïn' runs in Straatjournaal, the street newspaper from the Noord-Holland area. He is also present in the Flemish children's magazine De Ontdekkers with 'Robert en zijn slimme kat'. Van Koten's comic hero 'Nick Name', created in 2005, has also appeared in a number of publications. He has contributed to anthologies like 'Verknipt en Verstript', 'Was Getekend, Haarlem' and 'Strips in Stereo', and is one of the writers of the 'Eppo' comic for the magazine of the same name. He also gives comic workshops and courses, and is an expert on old comics. He is the driving force behind the BNS Stripkrant, a free comic sampler by members of the Federation of Dutch Comic Makers.

Ed & Ad by Alex van Koten

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