Religie in Beeld by Margreet de Heer
'Liefde in Beeld'.

Margreet de Heer, who sometimes uses the pseudonym Senoeni, is a Dutch comic artist who has gained international recognition through her informative comic book series 'Discoveries in Comics' (since 2007). This insightful and funny look at diverse topics like philosophy, religion, science, world conquerors and love has been translated in English, Portuguese and Korean too. Her longest-running titles are humoristic comics like the ongoing 'Mijntje' (2004-...), 'Isa' (2004-2008) and 'Stella' (2005-2008, 2012-2013). De Heer is active as a comics writer too, for series like 'Nino & Nena', 'Okki' and 'Stuntelman'. She has furthermore guided young talent throughout the years, mostly through her own publishing company Senoeni. Last but not least De Heer was the original editor of the Lambiek Comiclopedia between 2000 and 2005.

Early life and career
She was born in 1972 in Leiden and grew up in the North of Holland into a family of two reverends in the Dutch Reformed Church. In 1990, she moved to Amsterdam, where she studied Theology at the University of Amsterdam. From 1994 until 1996, she was an exchange student in Edinburgh, Scotland. Upon her return to the Netherlands, she started to take her hobby of drawing comics more seriously and joined Maaike Hartjes' comic studio De Zwarte Handel. She ranks Hartjes as one of her main artistic influences, together with Michiel van de Pol, Bill Watterson, Scott McCloud and the 'Van Nul tot Nu' series by Thom Roep and Co Loerakker.

Kinderleed Comix Kinderleed Comix

Early comics
Her first self-published comic, 'Misc. I', appeared in 1999, and was soon followed by 'How To Get Over Your Ex?'. Around the same time, Margreet graduated as a theologist.

Not feeling that she had a "calling" in the church, however, she decided to look for a job around comics and found one at the comic store Lambiek in Amsterdam, where she worked for five years as a web-designer. Margreet edited the Comiclopedia on this website together with Bas Schuddeboom, and also set up the Dutch section about the history comics in the Netherlands; all under the watchful eye of Lambiek's founder Kees Kousemaker. Together with Kousemaker she also compiled 'De Wereld van de Nederlandse Strip', a richly illustrated book about Dutch comics, published by Terra in 2005.

Lambiek webteam
Margreet with the Lambiek webteam in August 2004.

Kinderleed Komix / Senoeni
During her period with Lambiek, Margreet steadily continued to work on her comics oeuvre. In the autumn of 2002, she started the self-published comic book series 'Kinderleed Komix', about her experiences as a stepmother. In the following year, she founded Senoeni Comics Productions, through which she published her own comics, but also those of children who showed a talent and interest in comics. She continued to coach young talent through the Daily Danger website between 2008 and 2011. Among the young authors guided by Margreet are Wouter Goudswaard, Daniël Arruda Massa, Pim SteinmannAimée de Jongh and Emma Ringelberg. Senoeni Productions also released the collective books 'Strips in Stereo - Bootleg' (2006) and 'Sprookjes in Strookjes' (2006).

Isa, by Margreet de Heer

Isa / Stella / Mijntje
In addition, Margreet's work found its way to magazines. Sanoma's weekly magazine for girls Yes published her strip 'Isa' between 2004 and 2008, while her strip 'Stella' ran on the back pages of Flo' magazine by Malmberg in the period 2005-2008. A slightly older Stella later returned in Francine Oomen's Hoe Overleef Ik magazine in 2012-2013. Margreet's longest running comic has been 'Mijntje', which is published in Zij aan Zij, a magazine for lesbians, since the Spring of 2004.

Mijntje by Margreet de Heer

Other comics
Shorter lived series were 'Robin & Julie' for the Belgian magazine Farfelu (2006-2008), 'Rens & Gevoelens' for Margreet Dolman's magazine Mens & Gevoelens (2006) and 'Babytalk' for VivaMama (2007-2008). She was also hired as a scriptwriter for magazines Jippo ('Nino & Nena', art by Floris de Smedt), Okki ('Okki', art by Adrie Janssen and other members of Tekenteam) and National Geographic Junior ('Stuntelman', art by Sander de Fouw), and served as a cartoonist at conventions and board meetings.

War on Terror, by Margreet de Heer
Part of Margreet's comical take on the "War On Terror", which went viral short after its online publication in March 2003.

By 2006 she also ventured into the field of newspaper comics with the autobiographical series 'Echt', which she made in alternation with five other artists for NRC.Next. The other artists involved were Michiel van de Pol, Floor de Goede, Maaike Hartjes, Gerrie Hondius, and Barbara Stok. But it were the monthly comic reports on philosophical subjects that she made for newspaper Trouw between 2007 and 2010 that paved the way for her groundbreaking series of "Discoveries in Comics".

Comics report by Margreet de Heer
Part of Margreet's philosophical comic dealing with the death of Kees Kousemaker in 2010.

Discoveries in Comics
The first of this series, called 'Filosofie in Beeld', dealt with western philosophy and was published by Meinema. The book was presented in Gallery Lambiek in March 2010. The follow-up, 'Religie in Beeld', took a look at the five world religions and was presented in Lambiek on 25 February 2011. 'Wetenschappen in Beeld', the third installment, dealt with science and was published in October 2012. 'Wereldheerschappij in Beeld' dealt with world domination and was published in 2015. 'Liefde in Beeld' (2017) is for now the final volume in the series.

Philosophy: a Discography in Comics by Margreet de Heer
'Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics'.

The books are widely praised for the playful and readable way they deal with difficult subject matter. The author treats the sometimes sensitive subjects from several points of view, thus avoiding partiality, and interweaves the informative parts with doubts and personal thoughts through representations of herself and her husband. Her book about philosophy was the first to be translated into English. It was published as 'Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics' by the US publisher NBM in August 2012. 'Science: a Discovery in Comics' followed in September 2013, and 'Religion: a Discovery in Comics' in 2015. The books have also been published in Brazil and Korea.

'Zo Zat Dat'.

Collaboration with Yiri T. Kohl
Since 2008, Margreet has worked in close collaboration with her husband, comic artist, painter and poet Yiri T. Kohl, who acts as her sounding board and colorist. Margreet and Yiri also participate in theatrical activities, such as the Terra:Extremitas art event with the theatre company FoolishPeople in 2008, and in the annual summer courses at Oxford University. Events that are afterwards regularly chronicled in online comic reports.

Other comics
In 2013 Margreet made an informative comic book about the history of Dutch comics in commission of the Meermanno Museum in The Hague. She also has a regular page in Predikant & Samenleving, the magazine for pastors in Holland, makes the historical strip 'Zo Zat Dat' in Wetenschap in Beeld since 2016, and is one of the cartoonists of Quest Junior since 2017. In 2017 Margreet made comic strips about the Ten Commandments for the book 'Zodat Het Je Goed Gaat', which also features short stories by theologist Karel Eykman.

Promotion of comics
On 12 October 2017 she was chosen as "Comic Artist Laureate of the Netherlands" ("Stripmaker des Vaderlands") over the other contestants Robert van der Kroft, Pieter Hogenbirk and Maaike Hartjes. For a period of three years, she is to represent the Dutch comic strip in all its facets. One of her main goals is promoting the use of comics in the educational system. Together with Bas Schuddeboom and high school teacher Willard Mans she compiled a guide of 55 Dutch and Flemish graphic novels for inclusion on high school reading lists. It was presented in the Scheltema book store in Amsterdam on 7 November 2018. The progress of her activities can be followed in her comics columns in Stripnieuws and Stripglossy, and since September 2018 she also makes a comics column for the teachers' magazine Van Twaalf Tot Achttien.

Science: a Discography in Comics by Margreet de Heer
'Science: a Discovery in Comics' (click to enlarge).

Margreet de Heer in De Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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