from Demo, by Floris de Smedt

Floris de Smedt is a Brussel based talented cartoonist, animation filmmaker and comic artist. He attended the Sint-Lukas School of Art in Brussels, where he took classes from Johan de Moor and Nix. De Smedt has worked for a company that makes school magazines and for a local periodical, De Randkrant (a.o. the strip 'Randman'). His comics have appeared in magazines like Ink, Zone5300, Myx and Demo. One of his creations is 'De Professor'. From 2005 to 2008, he made the comic strip 'Nino & Nena' with Margreet de Heer for Jippo (Malmberg).

Nino en Nena by Floris de Smedt
Nino en Nena (Jippo, 6/6/2008)

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