The Girl is Mine. by Mars Gremmen
The Girl is Mine

Mars Gremmen was born in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. His first comic strip was 'Meneer Foutjes', which he made with Kees de Boer for Sjors & Sjimmie Stripblad from 1994 to 1997. This was followed by 'Trix', that appeared in the same magazine and also in its follow-up Sjosji from 1995 to 1999.

Trix, by Mars Gremmen

He worked with Peter de Wit on a couple of pages of the series 'De Familie Fortuin' and wrote some scripts for the 'Sjors en Sjimmie' comic. Gremmen was also present in the magazine's final incarnation Striparazzi with 'Popi de Clown'.

Popi de Clown, by Mars Gremmen
Popi de Clown

Mars was a regular artist for Malmberg's educational magazine Hello You!. His first comic was 'Captain Tom And His Mom', but his best known creation is 'The Girl is Mine', a comic that has been published in albums by Silvester in 2004. Older episodes of the strip have been published under the title 'Cette Fille est A Moi!' in the Belgian monthly Farfelu.

Mac & Maggie, by Mars Gremmen
Mac & Maggie

Furthermore, Gremmen created the comic strip 'Max & Manfred' for the Dutch astma foundation, and 'Mac & Maggie' for the computer magazine Macfan. Other creations by Gremmen are 'De Red@ctie' for Veronica Magazine, 'De Ontdekkers' for National Geographic Junior and the scripts for 'Galaktika', a comic drawn by Maarten vande Wiele in the monthly magazine Flo'.

De Ontdekkers, by Mars Gremmen
De Ontdekkers

Besides comics, Mars Gremmen has also done commercial artwork through Comic House and storyboards for a number of films, including 'Down' by Dick Maas and 'Tom & Thoms' by Esmé Lammers. His caricatures have appeared regularly in Veronica Magazine, and were also featured in the animation series 'Café de Wereld'. He is the illustrator of the reader's mail section in Eppo magazine since 2009 and was also one of the most prominent artists in the relaunched Dutch edition of MAD Magazine since 2011.

In 2020 he joined 75 Dutch & Flemish comic artists to make a graphic contribution to the free collective comic book ‘Striphelden versus Corona’ (Oogachtend, Uitgeverij L, 2020). The book is intended to support comics stores who had to close their doors for two months during the lockdown at the height of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. 

comic art by Mars Gremmen (in dutch)
The Girl is Mine (in dutch) (in dutch)

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