Een pinguin in Oud West by Wasco
Een pinguin in Oud West (from the comics paper Wat Wil West, January 2014)

Henk van der Spoel, who uses the pseudonym Wasco (or G. Wasco), is a representative of the Pseudo-Naïve comics school. He studied at the AKI in Enschede and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. He self-publishes and prints his own magazines and books since the late 1980s. His 'Wasco's Weekblad' was launched in 1989, and in this irregular appearing "weekly" he printed the first episodes of his 'Apenootjes' strip.

Tuitel and Phiwi, by Wasco

He self-publishes new books on a regular base through his mini-publishing firm Microbe, including 'Apenootjes', 'Wasco's Comics and Stories' and the sketchbook 'De Wasco Lijn'. His main characters are the dog 'Phiwi' and its boss 'Tuitel'. Other creations are 'Zomer' and 'De Vier Verdedigers'. He has contributed to the alternative comics magazine Zone 5300 since its first issue in 1994, and his illustrations have also appeared in Vrij Nederland, MUG magazine and VPRO-Gids. A showcase of Wasco's graphic talents, called 'Het Tuitel Complex', was published by Scratch in 2015.

ABC of Amsterdam, by Wasco (Amsterdam Weekly, 2005)

As Wanda Scott, he has published erotic work like 'Dotty Wervelwind', the 'Fantoma' series, 'Wanda's X-Rated Drawings' and 'Jungle Meisje en de Geheime Grot'. Discovered by Joost Swarte, Wasco can be called an "artist's artist". He has a large fanbase among Dutch comic artists, especially for his uncompromising, personal and abstract style.

Midgutopia by Wanda Scott
Midgutopia by Wanda Scott (Zone 5300 #102, 2013)

In July 2006, Wasco opened an exposition in Galerie Lambiek, with many original drawings, paintings and sculptures. Apart from comics and art, Wasco also sings in the bands Heveg and De MoMa's (the 'Mothers of Modern Art'). In March 2010, Wasco was hosting a new exposition in Galerie Lambiek.

In April 2017 Wasco was invited to organize an art project at the WGKunst Gallery in Amsterdam. He and nine other artists worked side by side, both collectively and solo, on the creation of monsters and other gruesome and weird creatures. The result was several paintings, murals, collage artworks, illustrations and comic strips, which were on exhibit at the gallery afterwards. An overview magazine was published as well. The other participating artists were Anne Stalinski, Jeroen Funke, Merel Barends, Tommy A, Peter de Wit, René Windig, Dace Sietina, Lae Schäfer and Eliane Gerrits.

Tuitel and Phiwi (2-2006), by Wasco

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