Teken mijn verhaal comic by Aleks Deurloo
Contribution to the Teken Mijn Verhaal foundation

Aleks Deurloo is a member of the Dutch artist collective Lamelos. Born in Emmen, he studied at at the Kampen Art Academy, where he met his Lamelos colleagues Jeroen Funke and Sam and Boris Peeters. The group has been working on a collective oeuvre since 1997 and their best known creations are 'Kaasheld en Poephoofd', whose adventures they have published in magazines like Zone 5300 and in self-published comic books.

Vikingen by Aleks Deurloo

Outside of Lamelos, Aleks has done artwork for publications like Johan and Vrij Nederland and for projects like 'Teken Mijn Verhaal', where a comic artist draws a story written by a handicapped child. He also makes silkscreens and designs typography.

Kaasheld by Aleks Deurloo


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