Zeb & Zoƫ by Boris Peeters

Boris Peeters is part of the comics collective Lamelos. Coming from the Kampen art academy he has been working with Aleks Deurloo, his brother Sam and Jeroen Funke on a collective oeuvre since 1997. Their most famous collective creation is 'Kaasheld en Poephoofd', which has appeared in self-published comic books, as well as the magazines Zone 5300 and MYX.

Outside of Lamelos, Boris has contributed to publications like Johan and Jippo. In 2009 he made the comic strip 'Zeb & Zoe' for Taptoe. He has made the cartoons for Volkskrant Banen for a period of four years. Boris has made several comics starring a Japanese monster called 'Kayeko'.

In 2011 Peeters made a graphic contribution to the book 'Filmfanfare' (2011), which was intended as a homage to 57 Dutch film classics, adapted into several one-page comics by 57 renowned Dutch comic artists. He made a version of Dick Maas' 'Flodder' for inclusion, but this was vetoed against by Maas himself, who felt he hadn't been informed or paid for this project. He registered an official complaint, together with film director Alex van Warmerdam ('Abel', 'De Noorderlingen') and Dorna de Rouveroy, who owned the rights to the movies of Wim Verstappen. Another intended comic adaptation for 'Filmfanfare' of a Maas film he objected too was Aimée de Jongh's  version of 'De Lift'.

cartoon for Volkskrant Banen by Boris Peeters
2008 cartoon for Volkskrant Banen


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