Kaasheld, by Lamelos

Lamelos is a comics collective consisting of Aleks Deurloo (b. 4 May 1975, Emmen), Boris Peeters (b. 4 Aug. 1974, Venray), Jeroen Funke (b. 13 May 1976) and Sam Peeters (b. 15 April 1976). All coming from the art academy in Kampen, they have been collaborating on a colorful oeuvre with jolly and absurd comic strips since 1997.

De Terugkeer, by Lamelos

Their best known creation is 'Kaasheld en Poephoofd'. Lamelos self-published about 65 small books, and in 2005, Sylvester published the first official 'Kaasheld' book. Lamelos' work has been published in magazines like Zone 5300 (from 2001), Myx (from 2004), Beeldstorm (1998-2000), Parcifal (from 2005), P.I.M. (2002), Veronica Magazine (2004), and Zozolala (since 2004).

Kaasheld, by Lamelos

Lamelos has performed at festivals like Lowlands and Crossing Border, and contributed to projects like 'Teken Mijn Verhaal'. Outside of Lamelos, the individual members have drawn for such publications as Johan (Aleks, Boris), Vrij Nederland (Aleks, Sam), Jippo (Boris, Sam, Jeroen), Van Speijk (Sam) and Boekie Boekie (Jeroen). Lamelos did an expositon in Galerie Lambiek in May 2006, and hosted another auction at Lambiek in August 2007. In October 2007, Jeroen and Aleks drew comics for the 24 Hour Comics Day at Lambiek. There was a Lamelos auction in July 2008 at Lambiek, and also on 25 September 2009.

Birdseed, by Lamelos


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