Op de Viesplaneet by Jeroen Funke

Jeroen Funke is part of the comics collective Lamelos. Coming from the Kampen art academy he has been working with Aleks Deurloo, Boris and Sam Peeters on a collective oeuvre since 1997. Their most famous collective creation is 'Kaasheld en Poephoofd', which has appeared in self-published comic books, as well as the magazines Zone 5300 and MYX. Outside of Lamelos, Jeroen has contributed to Jippo, Boekie Boekie, the 'Bloeddorst' anthology and projects like 'Teken Mijn Verhaal'.

His best known solo characters are 'Victor & Vishnu'. The have appeared in Boekie Boekie and Okki ('Victor & Vishnu op de Vies Planeet'), and also starred in Funke's 24 Hour Comics. Funke published a couple of mini-comics with the characters before they appeared in regular books by Catulus and Strip2000. For Jippo, he has drawn characters like Juf Kriebel, Joost, Bemoeibeest and Professor Uhm in illustrations and the 'Strippo' comic. In 2009 he illustrated 'Graaf Sandwich', a children's book by Jan Paul Schutten about food.

In April 2017, Jeroen Funke participated in Wasco's art project at the WGKunst Gallery in Amsterdam. He and nine other artists worked side by side, both collectively and solo, on the creation of monsters and other gruesome and weird creatures. The result was several paintings, murals, collage artworks, illustrations and comic strips, which were on exhibit at the gallery afterwards. An overview magazine was published as well. The other participating artists were Ge Wasco, Anne Stalinski, Merel Barends, Tommy A, Peter de Wit, René Windig, Dace Sietina, Lae Schäfer and Eliane Gerrits.

Strippo (Jippo, 6/2008)
Strippo (Jippo, 6/6/2008)


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