Comic art by Anne Stalinkski

Anne Staal is a Dutch comic artist and illustrator from the town of Haren in the province Groningen. Together with her younger sister Eva she forms the comics duo the Stalinkski's. Their father is graphic artist Koos Staal. Both she and her sister studied at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, and both sisters draw about their everyday life. Anne publishes a regular comic on her blogspot, and has also self-published some mini comix.

Comic art by Anne Staal

Her work is often built around human interaction, and the author gets most of her inspiration from observing people at the supermarket. Anne and Eva Stalinski publish a quarterly zine called ZUSTER. Anne Staal has made illustrations for clients like Dagblad van het Noorden, NenD Magazine, NVVK,, Daily XS, Toy Toy, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, hanzemag, Time shift festival Groningen and the Crossing Border Festival.

In April 2017, Anne Staal participated in Wasco's art project at the WGKunst Gallery in Amsterdam. She and nine other artists worked side by side, both collectively and solo, on the creation of monsters and other gruesome and weird creatures. The result was several paintings, murals, collage artworks, illustrations and comic strips, which were on exhibit at the gallery afterwards. An overview magazine was published as well. The other participating artists were Ge Wasco, Jeroen Funke, Merel Barends, Tommy A, Peter de Wit, René Windig, Dace Sietina and Eliane Gerrits.

Comic art by Anne Stalinski

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