L'Ordre Impair by Paul Teng
L'Ordre Impair

Paul Teng Ping Ya is a Dutch comic artist, best known for his realistic historical comics. Born in Rotterdam, he studied Cultural Antropology in Amsterdam, but broke this off to devote all his time to drawing comics. He debuted with his comic about the Apache indian 'Delgadito' that was published in four black-and-white books by Hans Matla's publishing house Panda between 1981 and 1984. Since 1982 he was also present in the comic magazine Wordt Vervolgd with several historical comics.

Shane by Paul Teng

In 1986 Casterman published Teng's 'Libertair Intermezzo', a story set during the Spanish Civil War. This was followed by 'De Vrienden van Igor Steiner' in 1989, a comic about the period after the Russian Revolution. Teng then made two more albums about Russian history in cooperation with writer Vladimir Volkoff for Le Lombard, 'Sint-Vladimir - De Stralende Zon' (1992) and 'Alexander Nevsky' (1994).

De aapjeskooi by Paul Teng
De Aapjeskooi (from Tina)

For the same publisher, he teamed up with writer Jean-François di Giorgio to create the medeival adventurer 'Shane'. Five books were published between 1998 and 2002. Between 2004 and 2009, he made the series 'L'Ordre Impair' with texts by Rudi Miel and Cristina Cuadra.

Hannie Schaft by Paul Teng
Het meisje met de rode haren (Tina, 2006)

Teng has drawn various stories from scripts by Gerard Leever and Frank Jonker, among other writers, for girl's magazine Tina between 2002 and 2008. These include two indian stories and a comic about Dutch resistence fighter Hannie Schaft, called 'Het meisje met de rode haren'. He has also made an comic for the introduction of each chapter in Jan Paul Schutten's children's book 'Kinderen van Amsterdam'. Teng considers his collaboration with Jean van Hamme on the graphic novel 'Le Télescope' in 2008 one of the highlights in his career. Teng and Schutten worked together again on the historical comic 'Jan van Scorel - Sede Vacante 1523' in 2013. On 9-10 March 2013, during the Stripdagen in Haarlem, Paul Teng was awarded the Stripschapprijs.

L'Ordre Impair by Paul Teng

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