Samuraï, artwork by Frédéric Genêt
Samuraï, artwork by Frédéric Genêt

Jean-François di Giorgio is prolific writer of Franco-Belgian comics, best known as the writer of series like 'Shane', 'Samuraï' and 'Mygala'. Born in Besançon, he made his first appearance in the field of comics in the mid-1980s with the books 'Les Soleils de faïence - Rue des Ombres' (Michel Deligne, 1985) and 'Julie Julie' (Ed. Creation, 1986), that were both drawn by After cooperating with several magazines, Di Giorgio made his first albums with the artist Denis Mérézette.

1986 also marked the creation of the series 'Munro', that Di Giorgio wrote for Griffo and later André Taymans in Spirou until 1992. For that same magazine, Di Giorgio also wrote short stories that were drawn by Jung and Alain Mounier. By now, Di Giorgio had settled in Brussels, Belgium, where he started building on his large oeuvre.

Les Aventures de Bouchon le Petit Cochon, artwork by André Taymans
Les Aventures de Bouchon le Petit Cochon, artwork by André Taymans

Between 1990 and 1992, he worked with the artist Benoit Roels on an adaptation of the Jean-Louis Foncine novel 'Les Pays Perdus' in three books in the Lombard collection Signe de Piste. With the same artist, he subsequently created the one shot comic 'Les Fous de Monk' in 1993. Di Giorgio also continued his collaboration with Munro-artist Taymans on 'Sam Griffith' (Alpen, 1991-1993) and the children's series 'Les Aventures de Bouchon le Petit Cochon' (Casterman, 1995-1997).

He additionally started a cooperation with Dutch comic artist Paul Teng, which resulted in the historical saga 'Shane', that was published by Le Lombard between 1998 and 2002. Starting in 2003, he launched several new series with the publishing house Nucléa, such as 'Le Culte des Ténèbres' (art by Tiberiu) and 'Mygala' (art by Frédéric Genêt). Di Giorgio and Genêt continued their science fiction saga at Soleil with a second book in 2006. With the same publisher, they had already started their historical series 'Samuraï' in 2005. A spin-off series called 'Samuraï Légendes' was launched in 2012.

Shane by Paul Teng and Jean-François di Giorgio
Shane, artwork by Paul Teng

Di Giorgio created the historical thriller 'Bruxelles Métropole' with Pablo Santander for the publishing house Caravelle in 2007. Soleil published two books of his espionage series 'Eden Killer', drawn by Cristina Mormile in 2007 and 2008, as well as the western 'Western Valley' (also with art by Mormile) since 2011, and a new historical series called 'L'Or des Fous' (art by Giancarlo Olivares) in 2012. In addition to his scriptwriting activities, Jean-François di Giorgio is one of the hosts of the comics workshops at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels.

Jean-François di Giorgio

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