Uchronie(s) - New Harlem by Tibery
Uchronie(s) - New Harlem

Tiberiu Beka was born in the city of Pancevo in Serbia and Montenegro, and graduated from Belgrade design school and applied arts academy where his final work was a comic book. He also studied at Djordje Lobacev comic school in Belgrade.

La Culte des Ténèbres, by Tiberiu
Le Culte des Ténèbres

Tibery released the album 'Le Culte des Ténèbres' with the French publisher Nucléa in 2002 (script by Jean-François di Giorgio). From 2005 to 2007, Tibery made the trilogy 'L'Empire de la Raison' for French publisher Glenat, with text by Serbian scenarist Djordje Milosavljevic. In 2008 and 2009 he made the science fiction trilogy 'Uchronie(s) - New Harlem' with Eric Corbeyran for Glénat.

comic artwork by Tiberiu Beka

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