Dotty Virvelwind, by Björn Karlström

Björn Karlström is a comic artist from Sweden, who has created several aviation comics. He started his career in 1938, drawing scale models for Flygning magazine. Three years later, he created his first comic strip ('Jan Winther') for the magazine. A year later, he created the space-comic 'Johnny Wiking', which also earned him international fame through publications in the Belgian Héroic Albums. Karlström introduced several inventions in this series that later became true (television, laser). His famed comic 'En Resa i Människokroppen' appeared from 1943 to 1946 in Året Runt.

Johnny Wiking, by Björn Karlstrom

Made after an idea of a doctor, Karlström introduced a team of scientists that were shrunk and injected into a human body to fight tuberculosis (TB). Karlström had his next comics project in Levande Livet in 1944, succeeding Lennart Ek on the artwork of 'Dotty Virvelvind', a sort of 'Wonderwoman'. Björn Karlström left the comics field shortly after the War and returned to illustrating. He returned to the field in the 1970s with several 'Biggles' comic books for Semic Press.

Biggles, by Björn KarlströmBiggles, by Björn Karlström

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