Rinus Redder by Adrie Janssen
'Rinus Redder'.

Adrie Janssen - also known as A3 - is a Dutch cartoonist and illustrator, affiliated with the Tekenteam studios. He has made illustrations and cartoons for educational books by Thieme/Meulenhoff and other commercial clients, and drawn the title comic of the children's magazine Okki and the 'Rinus Redder' strip for The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (script by Robbert Damen).

Early life and career
Adrie Janssen was born in 1971 in Alkmaar. He grew up an avid comic book collector during his childhood. His father was a talented painter, who encouraged his son to pursue his creative ambitions. For a while, Janssen alternated between drawing and music, but eventually, he chose a career in illustration. A graduate of the Amsterdam Graphic Lyceum, he has been working as an illustrator and cartoonist through Tekenteam, a Delft-based art studio managed by Richard Bijloo and Daniëlle Mulder.

'Theo & Rietje' (StripNieuws, April 2004).

Personal comics
Between 1998 and 2002, Adrie Janssen had his personal comic strips published in Sven van der Hart's small press magazine De Stripper. One of them was the humor comic 'Jimmy & Dwarf', about two womanizing brothers. In 2003 and 2004, the comic additionally appeared in the comic news magazine StripNieuws. After that, Janssen contributed other comic strips to this magazine, such as 'Theo & Rietje' (2004-2007, with Kees Wagemaker), about traffic safety, and 'Johnny Jungle' (2007-2011), about a wildlife hero. In 2009, he released his printing on demand comic 'Jaap en Janus - De Strijd Om De Kroon' (Blurb, 2009), about two guys who are convicted for a crime they didn't commit, escape from prison and try to prove their innocence. In later years, he has been working on a follow-up.

Through Tekenteam, Janssen has made illustrations for the children's magazines Bobo, Okki and Wild van Freek, the publishing house Thieme/Meulenhoff and a host of commercial clients, including the APG pension fund, the KNRM rescue brigade, Loyalis insurances, 999 Games and Landal Greenparcs. With Richard Bijloo, he made the comic strip 'BartDart' (2002-2006?) for the darts monthly Dartsssporter/Darts4You.

In 2008, Janssen became one of the artists for the restyled school magazine for young children, Okki. Based on designs by his Tekenteam colleague Sabine van der Stadt, he has drawn the comic adventures of the magazine's astronaut title hero, based on scripts by, subsequently, Margreet de Heer and Johan de Rooij. In 2011, Tekenteam created the comic hero 'Rinus Redder' (2011- ) for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM). Scripted by external writer Robbert Damen, his adventures have appeared in the magazine National Geographic Junior.

Okki by Adrie Janssen
'Okki Op De Thuisplaneet'.


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