'Joop de Westlander'.

Aad and Richard Bijloo are two Dutch illustrators and comic artists, who made several joint comic strips as "Bijloo & Bijloo" in the 1990s. These included the features 'Joop de Westlander' and 'Willem Wagenpark' for local newspapers and specialist journals. The brothers later parted ways, but both have remained active in commercial illustration, mostly for educational or children's publications. Richard co-founded the Tekenteam studio, which provides illustrations, animated shorts and comics to a variety of clients, including the pre-school magazines Bobo and Okki.

Early life
Born in the Spangen neighborhood of Rotterdam, Richard and Adriaan Bijloo grew up into a creative family. Aad was trained in Illustration & Graphic Art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, while Richard attended the Media College Rotterdam.

The Bijloo & Bijloo characters presented on the back cover of 'Joop de Westlander' #6.

Bijloo & Bijloo
The Bijloo brothers first came to notice with 'Joop de Westlander' (1992-1998), a gag strip about a vegetable and flower grower from the Westland region. It appeared on Fridays in the local newspaper Westlandsche Courant. Under the "Bijland Produkties" banner, the brothers also collected the strip in six landscape format-shaped booklets. Another creation by Bijloo & Bijloo was the car salesman 'Willem Wagenpark', whose adventures appeared in about a dozen specialized automotive journals. Two similar booklets were published in 1997. Between 1998 and 2000 the brothers commented on the local news of the day in their comic strip about souvenir shop owner 'Dirk van Delft' (1998-2000), which appeared on Saturdays in the Delftsche Courant.

By 1998 they also began a celebrity comic about ex-con and former hooligan Henk Bres from The Hague, who had gained fame as a regular panelist in the debate program 'Het Lagerhuis' (1997-2005) on Dutch television. Their strip 'Meneer Bres', made with approval by Bres, was offered to several magazines and newspapers, but it is unknown where and if it was ever published? During their collaboration, Richard mostly came up with the gags, while Aad made the drawings. Since then, both Aad and Richard Bijloo have continued to work as commercial illustrators.

'Joop de Westlander'.

Aad Bijloo: Studio AB
Aad Bijloo settled in The Hague, and works mainly for the educational market under the name Studio AB. He is active for both Dutch and foreign educational publishers, such as Kwintessens, Oxford University Press (UK), Cambridge University Press (UK), Benchmark Education Company (USA), Harper Collins (UK), Hometown World Publishers (UK), Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers (USA), IGLOO Books (UK), CleanSlate Press (New Zealand), CalciumCreative (UK), Delubas, HIP Studio, TeamTalento, CWG Media, Ambrasoft, Noordhoff, Squla, OWG, Eduliga, Luktut, Lecturama and Liverse. He additionally does illustration work for toy manufacturer Mattel, the broadcasting association AVRO and the ministries of Education and Agriculture, among other clients.

For Noordhoff Uitgevers and AmbraSoft, Aad Bijloo notably draws the characters Tom and Tamira, who serve as mascots for a line of educational software and books. He also illustrates the animal world of Kwink, a platform for social-emotional learning. Aad Bijloo illustrated educational children's books for Delubas, such as 'De Vlucht van de Poppenspeler' (2014) by Peter Vervloed and 'Ramkoers!' (2014) by Piet van der Waal, and several international children's books for Oxford University Press. He also made the drawings for 'Krukken geen bezwaar' a series of guidebooks with sports tips for schools with disabled children by Luk Tut Producties, and gives drawing workshops through Team Talento, a creative portal for schools. On the side, Aad Bijloo works on a couple of personal comics and graphic novel projects.

Illustrations for 'De Vlucht van de Poppenspeler' by Aad Bijloo.

Richard Bijloo: Tekenteam
With his partner Daniëlle Mulder, Richard Bijloo co-founded Tekenteam in 1996. The Delft-based studio provides comics, illustrations, character designs and whiteboard animated shorts for both mature and children's products. Tekenteam attracted several artists and designers to keep up with their production, with Richard gradually focusing on a role as art director and creative pivot. They have worked for amusement and holiday parks like De Efteling, Vakantiepark Slagharen, Hoogenboom, Roompot and Landal Greenparks, but also communication campaigns of corporations and the government. Since 2000 one of their regular clients is the toddler's magazine Bobo (first published by Sanoma, then Malmberg and eventually Blink), for which Mark Spruijt provides comics and illustrations with the mascot bunny. In 2008 Tekenteam's Sabine van der Stadt designed a new title character for Blink's pre-school magazine Okki. This young astronaut enjoys all kinds of adventures on other planets with his little pig Bik. Since then, the team provides the core of the comic art (Adrie Janssen) and illustrations (Van der Stadt) for the title. The scripts of the comics were provided to Blink from external sources, for instance Margreet de Heer (2008-2009) and Johan de Rooij (2010-2012, 2014-2015). Bijloo himself scripted the comic strip 'FC-KIKS', which was drawn by Els Deckers and published on the back cover of Blink's Taptoe between November 2008 and March 2009. In 2011 Tekenteam created the comic hero 'Rinus Redder' for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM). His adventures appeared in the magazine National Geographic Junior, drawn by Adrie Janssen and scripted by external writer Robbert Damen. Other artists who have been affiliated with Tekenteam are Ron Offerman, Leonie van Holst, Jamie de Jonge, Milou van Montfort, Bianca Moor, Merel Schermer and Anne Schneider. Tekenteam also manages the publishing imprint Björnbooks.

Richard Bijloo: RiesArt
To alternate with his work as art director, Richard Bijloo uses his own company RiesArt to present his personal paintings, drawings and whiteboard animated shorts. After several wanderings, he eventually returned to Rotterdam. He began to draw and paint the city, and has been publishing his productions on his Riesart010 Instagram account since 2019. A notable creation is his online celebrity comic/cartoon about the popular local tour guide Jenny van As, who became famous for her typical "RotterDeutsch", German with a Rotterdam dialect. Richard Bijloo has also illustrated schoolbooks for Taalunie, aimed at the school children on the Windward Islands.

'Jenny van As', by Richard Bijloo.

www.studioab.nl (Aad Bijloo)
www.tekenteam.nl (Richard Bijloo)
www.riesart.nl (Richard Bijloo)

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