'H-Man', superhero comic for Holmatro Rescue Equipment (2013).

Ron Offerman is a Dutch commercial illustrator, cartoonist and visual designer, working mostly on comics and cartoons in commission.

Commercial artist
From his Schiedam house studio, Offerman has spent his cartooning and illustration career in service of companies, non-profit organizations, government institutions, publishers and other commercial clients. Over the years, he developed a wide variety of styles and techniques to provide tailor-made service to the task at hand. His art was used for advertisements, coloring pictures, books, magazines, infographics, character designs, storyboards, concept art and animations, commissioned through Daniëlle Mulder and Richard Bijloo's Tekenteam studio, or agencies like lexenzo.nl and crob.nl.

A lot of Offerman's assignments include promotional or informative comic strips. One of his early jobs was making comic stories with Morrison, the mascot of the popular radio show 'Het Weeshuis van de Hits' ("The Orphanage of the Hits"). The stories appeared in all four issues of the program's quarterly magazine Weeshuisgids (1984-1985), and were written by the show host Peter van Bruggen. In 1985, Offerman appeared with more personal work in Yèch - the amateur comic magazine edited by Willem Ritstier, Minck Oosterveer, Adri van Kooten and Caren Peeters - as well as the Yèch book release 'Big Brinkman is watching you!!' (1985).

Cover for Weeshuisgids issue #, starring the mascot Morrison (1985).

Offerman also made educational comic strips for the several divisions of the facility management company Facilicom Solutions. For Tekenteam, he made  the character design for 'Rinus Redder', a mascot for the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM). His comic adventures appeared in National Geographic Junior magazine, drawn by Tekenteam's Adrie Janssen. A notable project was the superhero comic 'H-Man' (2013), made in collaboration with writer Johan de Rooij for Holmatro Rescue Equipment. It was serialized in 28 weekly installments on Facebook, and then released in book format.

Other notable clients
For the Feijenoord Stadium in Rotterdam, AKA "De Kuip", Ron Offerman designed a special drawing, depicting the stadium's multifunctional purpose. It appeared on widely spread wishing cards, a limited lithograph print series and a large panel of 2,8 x 1,8 metres hanging in De Kuip's hall. Among Ron Offerman's other clients are IDEA Training, the Eneco engery company, the Royal Dutch Korfball Association, the Royal Dutch Korfball Association, the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association, Unilever, the potato processing company Aviko, Centre Parcs and the publishing houses Blink and Noordhoff.

Homonym confusion
The Schiedam-based commercial artist Ron Offerman should not be confused with the Amsterdam writer, poet and painter Ronald M. Offerman (1956-2020), who also performed on stage as part of "De Blaffende Honden".

Comic strip about home help, with the character Eva for Facilicom Solutions.


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