'Bobo' (November 2016).

Mark Spruijt (also written as Mark Spruyt) is a Dutch illustrator, who works on comics and illustrations for children through the Tekenteam studio.

Spruijt's main body of work is doing the majority of the illustrations for the Dutch pre-school magazine Bobo, at first published by Sanoma and since 2009 by Blink Uitgevers. The magazine's bunny mascot Bobo was developed in 1968 by the Italian artist Sergio Cavina, who worked for the magazine until 1994. After that, several artists and writers had longer or shorter stints on the feature, including Valeria Turati, Anna Maria Falcetti, Andrea Da Rold and Edgar van der Kuip.

Covers for the August and September 2016 iissues of Bobo.

Since the early 2000s, the Tekenteam studio is responsible for the majority of the magazine's artwork. After a while, Tekenteam's art director Richard Bijloo assigned Mark Spruijt as Bobo's regular illustrator. At first, Spruijt did the cover illustrations and activity pages, while the Brazilian Magic Eye Studio's drew the back cover picture story starring Bobo and his bunny friends. Since the early 2010s, Spruijt also draws the back cover feature, by then centered about Bobo's dog Frommel and written by Maya Frijn. Over the years, the editors commissioned Tekenteam to modernize the character through several redesigns, starting with replacing his traditional green quiff and red shirt with a yellow baseball cap and red hoodie. After 2009, Bobo's design was brought back to the colors red, blue and white: his cap went from yellow to red and his hair changed from green to blue.

Other Tekenteam work
Besides Bobo, Mark Spruijt has worked on many other assignments through Tekenteam, often featuring funny animals. He has designed mascots and illustrated postcards, friendship books, puzzles, coloring pictures and children's booklets, such as 'The Big Tommi Funbook'. In the early 2010s, he also made comics and illustrations with the Roompot holiday parks mascot Koos Konijn for Roompot's annual Vakantie! magazine. He has also designed mascots for other holiday parks, such as Ekkie Eekhoorn for Hogenboom and Molly & Caatje for Molecaten.

'Koos Konijn', for Roompot.

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