'Bobo' by Edgar van der Kuip.

Edgar van der Kuip is a Dutch illustrator, who had a brief excursion in the comic industry. In 2001-2002 he briefly drew the title comic of the Dutch pre-school magazine Bobo.

Early life
Not much is known about Van der Kuip's life and career. He most likely hailed from the Tilburg region in the southern Dutch province North Brabant. The former Tilburg high school teacher Harrie Baken mentions on his website that as a third grader, Van der Kuip caricatured him for the high school newspaper. Considering this was in 1986, Edgar van der Kuip was presumably born in the early 1970s.

For a short period in the early 2000s, Van der Kuip was one of the artists of the 'Bobo' comic, published in the Dutch toddler magazine of the same name. The playful blue bunny and his friends were created in 1968 by the Italian illustrator Sergio Cavina, who remained the main artist until 1994. Cavina was succeeded by Valeria Turati and a couple of short-term artists - including Van der Kuip - until Richard Bijloo's Tekenteam and the Brazilian Magic Eye Studios took over most of the art duties. During Van der Kuip's run (2001-2002), the comic was written and colored by Pascal Oost.

Bobo, by Edgar van der Kuip (2002)

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