'Tilly Tulp' (2017).

Sabine van der Stadt is a Dutch illustrator, working mainly for children's publications. Her excursions in comics include drawing comic pages with the pig 'Bik' for Okki magazine, the 2007 wordless picture book 'Tilly Tulp' by Lotte Alders and the 'Rutger, Thomas & Paco' (Kosmos, 2021- ) book series.

Early life and education
Born in 1986 in the Dutch town Wijk bij Duurstede, south of Utrecht, Sabine van der Stadt developed an early passion for drawing. Between 2003 and 2007, she attended the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam, studying visual arts and graphic design, while working in a bookstore in her spare time.

'Bik' picture story for Okki magazine.

Between 2008 and 2016, Van der Stadt was affiliated with Tekenteam, a Delft-based art studio managed by Richard Bijloo and Daniëlle Mulder. She got the job after submitting character designs for the restyled children's magazine Okki by Blink Publishers. Her ideas were picked out by the characters, and became the magazine's new mascots. The new Okki was a young astronaut, who has adventures on all sorts of planets. He is accompanied by his girlfriend Lila and his pet pig Bik. She later redesigned the main character into a "normal" boy. Between 2009 and 2016, Van der Stadt made illustrations with the characters, as well as picture stories with Bik for the magazine's back cover. Longer space adventures by Okki himself were written by Margreet de Heer and Johan de Rooij, and drawn by Tekenteam's Adrie Janssen.

Illustration work
At Tekenteam, Van der Stadt worked as illustrator and project coordinator. Besides Okki, she has created artwork for amusement parks, children's books and organizations, finetuning her skills in several techniques and styles. Since 2017, Van der Stadt works solo as Studio Sabine, doing cartoons, illustrations, infographics and character designs. Her artworks have appeared in/on children's picture books, birth cards, coloring pictures and Jumbo game packaging, among other things. In 2017, Van der Stadt illustrated the wordless picture story 'Tilly Tulp' by Lotte Alders, telling the story of a little tulip who goes on an adventure. Among her other children's book illustrations are 'Bibi & Lulu - Het is Feest!' (Moon, 2020), written by media personality Patty Brard, and the book series 'Rutger, Thomas & Paco' (Kosmos, 2021- ) by the YouTube stars Thomas van Grinsven and Ruger Vink. The latter books also contain comic story segments.

De Avonturen van Rutger, Thomas en Paco #2 - 'De Tijdmachine' (2022).


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