Latex by Yiri T. Kohl

Yiri T. Kohl is an underground comics artist who was born and bred in Amsterdam in 1975. Among his main artistic influences are Gilbert Shelton, Peter Pontiac and Hein de Kort. Though he spent much of his childhood in bed with migraines, in between attacks he would draw like a madman. At age five he decided that the only career worth pursuing would be that of an artist. During high school he grew out of the migraines, and into amphetamines and Transcendental Meditation.

comic art by Yiri T. Kohl
Bijlmer Boys #1

This was a very good phase for his drawing outlets. In 1993 the first three issues of his underground comix series 'Bijlmer Boys' appeared. By the fourth issue, expectations of a comics career were high, but the tides were against him for a time, so he got a job at an IT company. Artistically, Yiri's focus shifted to making paintings and poetry, which resulted in some exhibitions and two publications. In 2004 he left his desk job on his doctor's advice. Then in 2007 he hooked up with the international theater group FoolishPeople, first as an artist, then as a performer.

ZMan by Yiri T Kohl
ZMan - De Man van de Straatkrant

In early 2008 Yiri met comic artist Margreet de Heer, which encouraged him to draw comics again. He started working on the long-awaited fifth issue of 'Bijlmer Boys', as well as a special Omnibus-edition of the first four issues. He married Margreet in January 2009. Yiri and Margreet introduced his new 'Bijlmerboys Omnibus' on the 6th of February 2009 at Galerie Lambiek. He has since then been the colorist and co-plotter of Margreet's work. The pair has also created the comic strip 'ZMan - De man van de Straatkrant', written by Margreet and drawn by Yiri, which was first published in Stripnieuws in 2016.

Yiri T. Kohl and Senoeni (Margreet de Heer) presenting the Bijlmerboys Omnibus at Galerie Lambiek in February 2009
Yiri T. Kohl and Senoeni (Margreet de Heer) presenting the Bijlmerboys Omnibus at Galerie Lambiek in February 2009

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