Bert J. Prulleman by Wim Stevenhagen
Bert J. Prulleman (Taptoe #9, November 1983)

Wim Stevenhagen studied art at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam together with his childhood friend Gerrit de Jager. He debuted with De Jager with a series of short animations for the VARA TV quiz 'Twee voor twaalf' in 1975. They assumed the joint pseudonym Prutswerk to create comics for the alternative magazines De Vrije Balloen and Gummi, including 'De Ironische Man', 'Pruts Pruts, Private Kreye' and 'Bert J. Prulleman'. They also created 'De Familie Doorzon' in Nieuwe Revu and 'Roel en zijn Beestenboel' in Jippo.

comic art by Wim Stevenhagen for De Waarheid, 1984
Cartoon for De Waarheid (1984)

The first 'Doorzon album', published in 1980, won them the Stripschapspenning. Stevenhagen and De Jager ended their collaboration in 1984, and while De Jager continued 'Doorzon' and 'Roel en zijn Beestenboel', Stevenhagen continued 'Bert J. Prulleman' in Taptoe and began a string of educational comics and illustrations. Among his production are 'Bertus Braafjes' for Milieudefensie, 'Han Gewetensvim' for Onze Wereld, 'Bob en Bertha' for Eigen Huis Magazine, 'Bob A.' for Het Schoolblad and 'Henk Vanderspatie' for Pers. Several collections of his cartoons work have appeared, such as 'Bijverschijnselen', a collection of cartoons he made about the health service, and 'Ja Ja, Maak er maar een Grapje van!', which contains political cartoons.

In 1985, Wim Stevenhagen refused to fulfill his military service for reasons of principle. His subsequent conviction sparked the protest comic book 'Tegenaanval' (De Lijn, 1985), in which several Dutch comic artists expressed their discontent. The book had an introduction by Willy Lohmann and Patty Klein, and furthermore contained old and new material by Lohmann, Fred Marschall, Fred Julsing, Jan Steeman, Gal, IJf Blokker, Berend J. Vonk, Arend van Dam, Peter van Straaten, Peter de Smet and many more.

Henk Vanderspatie, by Wim Stevenhagen
Henk Vanderspatie (2000)

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