Gaan we katten by Elly Holzhaus

Elly Holzhaus is a Dutch cartoonist and fine artist from Amsterdam, who works under the pen name Elyh. She got her education at the Atelier Haarlem and subsequently worked in the French city Clermont-Ferrand with Sica Puljevic. She also studied at the Academy of Zagreb for a while, and worked in the animation studios of Dusan Vukotic.

Back in the Netherlands in the second half of the 1960s, she made freelance drawings for Vrij Nederland, De Nieuwe Linie, Katholieke Illustratie, Sextant and several specialist journals. She opened her own café, Galerie Taveerne at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, and was a member of the feminist movement Dolle Mina in the 1970s. She made the illustrations for 'Het groene boekje voor meisjes', a book about sex education for adolescent girls by Martien Carton, in 1974. Elyh made cartoons and comic strips for the women's magazine Viva during the 1980s.

Gaan we katten by Elly Holzhaus

Her work was collected in book format by Peter Loeb, such as 'Gaan we katten?', 'Poeslief', 'Het anti-mannenboekje' and 'Het anti-oudersboekje'. She tried to sell her comic strip 'Anno 1945' to Dutch newspapers in the 1990s.

Elly Holzhaus
Elly Holzhaus in 1970 (Het Vrije Volk, 17-2-1970)

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