Bakken aan de Bar, by IJf Blokker

IJf Blokker is a Dutch percussionist and TV showmaster, who became especially known for his role of Barend Servet in the 'Fred Haché Show' in the early 1970s. An avid fan of the comic 'Gijsje Goochem' (by Jac. Grosman), he tried his hand at comics as well, creating 'Bakken aan de Bar' with texts by his TV-show colleague Harry Touw for Nieuwe Revu in 1978.

Bakken aan de Bar, by IJf Blokker

Blokker kept drawing comics in the following decades. He draws the comic strip 'Piraat Platzac' that appears in Willemsoordjournaal in Den Helder four times a year. He makes a weekly cartoon, called 'Joep', for Proost.

Piraat Platzac, by IJf Blokker

In 2007, Blokker was asked to design a new label for a special collector's beer for the Belgian brewery Achouffe. He was the first Dutch artist to have this honourable duty.

IJf Blokker, Presentation of the Achouffe beer
The presentation of the Achouffe beer, with the artist on the left

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