Erik Eekhoorn by Lex van de Oudewetering
Erik Eek (Nieuws uit de Natuur, 2004)

Lex van de Oudeweetering is best known for his illustration work for educational products. He developed 'Koen de Kikker' and 'Erik Eekhoorn' for the educational broadcasting company Teleac/NOT. He has drawn for magazines like Vrij Nederland and De Tijd, as well as television programs as School-TV Weekjournaal.

TWOgether by Lex vd Oudeweetering
TWOgether (Hello You! #3, 1990)

He made his comics debut with the comic 'Bink bij Ajax' in Supergum in 1980. This continuing comic, about the young football player Kees de Jonge was written by Henno Eggenkamp and published in album in 1984. His further comics work include some one-pagers for Wordt Vervolgd in 1981, 'Erik Eek' for Teleac's Nieuws uit de Natuur and 'TWOgether' in the early issues of Hello You! in 1990.

Kees de Jonge

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