Bang!, by Yurg 1986

Yurg is a Flemish comics artist who illustrated the one-shot comic series 'Bang' (1984), the series 'Slimmeke Slim' (1986), but might be best remembered for drawing a celebrity comic based on Flemish media star Wendy van Wanten (1991-1992). A more recent comics series by his hand is the thriller 'Bruxman' (2011-2014).

Early life and comics
Yurg was born in 1957. After several odd jobs, Jurgen de Muynck became a freelance graphic artist, best-known under the name Yurg. While drawing for advertisement companies, he created the comic strip 'Slimmeke Slim' with Yaack Bakker in Kuifje (1984), and the cynical humor comic 'Bang!' with Ikke for Robbedoes (1986). 'Slimmeke Slim' featured the wacky adventures of a goofy klutz who, despite his name (which would translate to Smarty Smart, though on his official website Yurg uses 'Cliff Clever' as a translation) really isn't all that bright. In 1992-1993 two adventures of this series 'Slimmeke Slim en de Discosaurus' and 'Slimmeke Slim en de Raptoms/Zaptrons' also ran as a newspaper comic in De Gazet van Antwerpen. 

Slimmeke Slim by Yurg
'Slimmeke Slim'.

Wendy van Wanten
In 1992 Yurg collaborated with Tony Beirens on a celebrity comic about the Flemish pin-up Wendy van Wanten. Van Wanten gained fame in the late 1980s thanks to her appearances as announcer in the late-night erotic show 'De Pin-Up Club', which made her a regular panel show member and launched her pop music career. Her comic strip, 'Wendy Stript Ze!', was prepublished in Panorama which allowed for a lot of nude scenes and other erotic innuendo. Two albums, 'De Privé-Perikelen van Wendy van Wanten' (1992) and 'Wendy Trekt Aan Het Langste Eind' (1993), were published by Loempia - the same publisher responsible for other Flemish celebrity comics, such as 'Jean-Pierre van Rossem' (by Erik Meynen) and 'Urbanus' (by Urbanus and Willy Linthout). Like most comics based on a media craze the 'Wendy van Wanten' comics failed to gain much interest beyond the hype and have nowadays faded away in obscurity. 

Other comics
Under the pseudonym Munka, De Muynck worked with Giba on 'Ella & Mekanik' in Suske en Wiske Weekblad, a magazine for which he also drew 'De Discosaurus'. He was present in Libelle with 'Familie Twist' in 2000 (scripts by Ikke), and did short stories and illustrations for Flair. Together with crime author Stan Lauryssens, he makes the thriller comic series 'Bruxman', which was published by Bonte in two books in 2011 and 2014, and in a one-volume collection in 2014. He furthermore made a graphic contribution to the collective comic books 'Avontuur in de 21e Eeuw' (2010) and 'Op het Spoor van Pom' (2011), which both paid homage to Pom. The profits of 'Avontuur in de 21e Eeuw' went to the Kinderkankerfonds, to help children with cancer.

In 2017 Legendre and Yurg published 'Het Ei van Pato de Eend' (2017). The story revolves around a duck, Pato, and is set in Spain - where Legendre resided. 

Yurg has also worked as an animator for computer games.

Wendy Stript Ze, by Yurg
'Wendy Stript Ze'.

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