Dol en Mina by Koten

Nel van Beek-van Koten was an artist from the Dutch feminist movement of the early 1970s. For Het Vrije Volk, she drew the comic strip 'Dol en Mina' in 1971 and 1972. The title of the comic is a reference to the Women's Lib Movement Dolle Mina, and in the strip, Koten gave social critisism on the average middle-class family. Later on, her comic 'Floor Blom' appeared in the same paper. She also drew for Sekstant (1972), a magazine about sexual reformation, and the American underground magazine Berkeley Barb.

Dol en Mina, by Koten (Nel van Beek-van Koten)

She also designed various posters for the Dolle Mina movement, such as the famous 'Baas in Eigen Buik' ('Boss in own Belly') poster. She was known in Utrecht for her posters for action centre De Kargadoor. Nel van Beek-van Koten passed away in December 2009.

Dol en Mina, by Koten (Nel van Beek-van Koten)

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