Daar komen de Russen by Piet Kroon
'Daar Komen De Russen'! The man in the black suit is Joseph Luns, head of the NATO. 

Piet Kroon is a Dutch animator, storyboard artist and director. He made his debut as a comic artist with the books 'Daar komen de Russen' and 'Nederland wordt wakker' (Drukwerk, 1983 and 1985), that he made in cooperation with his brother Jan Kroon. He became a member of Holland Animation in 1983 and became chairman in 1987.

His short animated film 'Dada' was widely praised in 1994, and paved the way to Hollywood. He found employment with Warner Feature Animation as an animator and later storyboard artist, working on productions like 'The Quest for Camelot' (1998) and 'The Iron Giant' (1999). With his supervision over the animated segment of 'Osmosis Jones' (2001), he was the first Dutch director to direct a Hollywood animation film. He has since worked as a story artist for DreamWorks Animation ('Shrek II') and Blue Sky Studios.

In 1985 he made a contribution to the book 'Tegenaanval' (De Lijn, 1985), an anti-military book advocating the liberation of cartoonist Wim Stevenhagen, who was sentenced for refusing to fulfill his military service for reasons of principle.

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