Winfried, by Rudy Hulleman

Ruud Hulleman worked for Studio Espee as the colorist of among others 'De Familie Doorzon' by Gerrit de Jager. In addition, he created the Dutch superhero comic 'Dozenman' for Striprofiel, and the animal comic 'Winfried' for Striptuur. In the early 1990s, he made the comic 'Scouty' with scripts by Hanco Kolk for Scouting Magazine. This strip was later continued by Pieter Hogenbirk.

Dozenman (Stripofiel #57, by Rudy Hulleman, 1986)

Hulleman was affiliated with the Comic House agency from 1987 to 1999. He was a storyboard artist for the TV film 'Intensive Care'. More recently, he has been active in animated shorts for YouTube under the name Aardman666.

In 1985, Hulleman made a contribution to the book 'Tegenaanval' (De Lijn, 1985), an anti-military book advocating the liberation of cartoonist Wim Stevenhagen, who was sentenced for refusing to fulfill his military service for reasons of principle.

Dozenman by Rudy Hulleman

Aardman666's YouTube channel

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