Hugo Tate, by Nick Abadzis (Deadline, 1989)

Coming from a family of Greek and British origins, Nick Abadzis was raised in Sweden, England and Switzerland. He is a London-based writer and artist, who creates comics, illustrations and children's books. He began his career as an editor with Marvel UK in 1987, and as an artist with Deadline magazine with the series 'Hugo Tate' (1988-94). Afterwards, his comics and cartoons have appeared in magazines like 2000AD, Punch and The Sunday Correspondent.

Abadzis was part of the 1990s British invasion in American comics. He has written graphic novels and mini-series like 'Millennium Fever' (with Duncan Fegredo, DC/Vertigo, 1995) and 'Children of the Voyager' (with Paul Johnson, Marvel, 1993). He also released a 'Hugo Tate' graphic novel called 'Hugo Tate - O, America' by Atomeka Press in 1993. His graphic novel 'Laika' was published by First Second Books in 2007.

Saccharine Fools, by Nick Abadzis

He had short stories and strips published by Adhouse Books, Paradox Press, Kodansha or by himself. Abadzis has published children's books, graphic novels and comics with Heinemann, Mary Glasgow and Orchard Books. In addition, he has done development work on various websites for BBCi. He also works as an editorial consultant devising, developing and writing best-selling children's and specialist magazines for a London publisher.

Hugo Tate, by Nick Abadzis (Deadline, 1989)

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