Artbabe, by Jessica Abel

Jessica Abel, who studied at the University of Chicago, started her comic series 'Artbabe' in 1992. After self-publishing five issues, Fantagraphics Books picked up the title in 1997 and has published four books so far. She also published in many anthologies, like 'Dirty Stories' and 'Comix 2000'. Jessica now lives with her husband and fellow artist Matt Madden in New York City. Her next book, 'Mirror, Window', a softcover book from Fantagraphics, is a collection of the first four Fantagraphics issues of Artbabe. The series 'Artbabe' ended in 1999. Jessica Abel has worked on a new four-part series called 'La Perdida' since 2001.

She was an influence on <a href="/artists/s/sophie.htm">Sophie Crumb</a>. 

comic panel by Jessica Abel
Comic panel by Jessica Abel.

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