comic art by Juan Antonio Abellán

Juan Antonio Abellán was captivated by two passions since he was a child, during the Spanish Civil War: art and aviation. He studied arts and crafts at several schools and since 1945 he alternated his work in the field of comics (in magazines Flechas y Pelayos and Chicos) with his work for advertising, illustration and handicraft. In 1958 he joined a studio in Madrid where he met other comic creators. As a result he moved to Barcelona where he participated in Josep Toutain's international agency Selecciones Ilustradas. His work for the international market included romance and aviation stories for Great Britain and 'Ray Alcotan' for France. For the Spanish market he created several aviation stories to the comic magazines Strong and Gaceta Junior, as well as many illustrations for publishers like Afha, Molino, Clíper and Ortega. He also took part in an experimental "photo-comic", which unfortunately ended in failure.

Juan Abellán's passion for aircraft and aviation led him to dedicate a great part of his artwork to this subject - he made comics, illustrations, trading-cards, and even models for the Ministerio del Aire Aeronautical Museum.

comic art by Juan Antonio Abellan

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