Tubitak (Lombak #2, 2004)

Emrah Ablak was born in Zonguldak, Turkey in 1972. After his studies in Mechanical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, he started his career as a comic artist in 1991. He published his earliest work in comics magazine Avni, and subsequently also contributed to Penguen, Kemik, Lombak, Dıgıl, Fos, Parazit, Hibir, Sebek, Cizgili Pijama, Kadayif and L-Manyak.

comic art by Emrah Ablak

In Penguen magazine, he has his own satirical 'Ablak' section. Ablak is also the creator of 'Sgnk!'. His 'Tubitak' series from Lombak has also been collected in book format.

From Penguen magazine, by Emrah Ablak


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